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Treatment at Kadima is tailored to meet the needs of each patient and family we treat. Depending on the nature of the presenting problem and each patient's goals for therapy, we conduct evidence based treatment in different formats in order to individualize therapy and maximize gains.

Individual therapy sessions

Individual sessions run 55 minutes in length. Treatment typically occurs once a week.

Intensive treatment sessions

In some cases, more rapid gains can be made when treatment sessions are held with greater frequency than a standard, once per week treatment protocol. For those patients, an intensive treatment protocol may be indicated. Sessions may be held between 2 - 5 times over the course of one week, for 55 - 110 minutes per session.

This option can best meet the needs of some individuals with hard to treat symptoms, for whom other treatments have failed. The intensive option can also suit individuals who are seeking to make significant gains over a short period of time while on a break from work or school.

​Home visits

Some symptoms only present themselves in the unique context of one's home environment. In those cases, the greatest gains can be made by addressing those symptoms in vivo, by directly facing the feared situation or activity in real life. We are pleased to be able to offer home visits to facilitate patients' needs most effectively.

​School Observation

Direct behavioral observation in a school setting can enable us to identify the triggers and consequences of problematic symptoms that occur in the school setting. With this knowledge, a targeted treatment plan can be developed, involving parents and school personnel in the patient's treatment team.


When geographic obstacles make in-person sessions impossible​ or overly burdensome, sessions may be conducted via phone or video conferencing. As with in-person individual therapy, these sessions are typically 55 minutes long and take place once per week.

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